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California - USA

San Francisco with it's relaxed atmosphere is one of the most popular city's in the US. Enjoy the touristic and less touristic parts of the city.

If you have only a short stay and you want to visit the most famous things in town, I would make a choice out of these (or if you have time, do them all):

* Visit Pier 39

* Take a ride on the Cable Car

* Golden Gate Bridge

* Visit the former prison island Alcatraz

* Take a tour of 2 hours on a sightseeing bus to see a relatively big part of the city in a short time

One of the Sightseeing busses with an open top:"

Photo's taken: April 2012

Cable Car in the streets of San Francisco:

It can be quite crowded on the Cable Cars:

A glimp of China Town and the Bay Bridge:

Pier 39, with the seals and the shuttle boat to Alcatraz, which you hardly see on this pic because of the fog:

Pier 39:

Golden Gate Bridge

Photo's taken from the open top sightseeing bus:

More Tips & Pics of California will follow...

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