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Arizona - USA

Arizona is the Grand Canyon State, so of course I will place pictures and some info about the Grand Canyon later on. But there is much more to see in Arizona.

In 2015 we have visited Antelope Canyon, near the city Page. This is really stunning!
We have visited_ Upper _Antelope Canyon. This canyon is only open for booked visits together with a guide. The guides are very friendly and help you taking the best pictures. If you book your visit around noon, you have the best chance of real magical views as the sunlight shines right from above into canyon.
You can also visit Lower Antelope Canyon, you can go down in that canyon without a guide. I haven't seen that one myself (yet), so no pictures of that canyon.

Upper Antelope Canyon
Where: Page - Arizona
Photo's taken: June 2015

Just south of the city Page, you will find a parking lot with a sign: Horshoe Bend. You can walk down a sandy hill to an amazing view of this horshoe shaped bend in the colorado river. Bring enough water, because there is no shade and it can be very hot here. It's a 15 minutes walk to have the view. But be careful there is no fence and it's a sheer drop off. But what an amazing view.
This is where you have to walk to:

And this is the view.

Horseshoe Bend
Where: just south of the city Page
Photo's taken: June 2015

The spiritual little village Sedona has become very popular in the last decades. I was there in 1995 and it was a peaceful beautiful town. I went back in 2015 and it's still breathtakingly beautiful, but it has become much more touristic.

Nevertheless, recommended from my side :)

Village: Sedona - Arizona
Photo's taken: June 2015

In the picture below you see the famous Cathedral Rock, Sedona:

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