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Alberta - Canada

Close to the border with British Columbia you will find in Alberta the fabulous Banff National Park.

Many great things to see in this park.

Park: Banff National Park

Lake Louise, the most famous lake in the park, pictures taken June 2008:

Lake Louise might be the most popular lake, but only 14 km (8,7 miles) from Lake Louise, you will find the magical view of Moraine Lake.

Pictures taken: June 2008

Driving to Moraine Lake

There it is:

Another beautiful lake we have seen by hiking there from Lake Louise is Mirror Lake. The hike is approx 3km one way, 300 mtr elevation gain. It's the hiking trail to Lake Agnes, which is about 1 km further.

Mirror Lake, pictures taken June 2014:


Another cool hike to do in Banff is the trail to Johnston Canyon Upper Falls

It's a one way hike of  2,7 km (1,7ml)

Elevation gain of 215m (700ft)

Pictures take June 2008


This picture is taken at the beginning of the hike:

Below you see the Lower Falls of Johnston Canyon:

Here below you see the Upper Falls of Johnston Canyon:

Also spotted in Banff, a mama grizzly bear with her 2 cubs

Picture taken June 2014 by my dear friend @lightsinspired

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