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Day 3 - Fløya and Husky Farm

Active day today! Today we defied the Fløya mountain! It is the mountain here in Trømso where there is also a cable car to a restaurant on top of the mountain. We did the hike to the top of the mountain and we took down the cable car. Well I hear you think, but it's just what we felt like doing! The trail upwards follows part of the edge of the mountain and takes you slowly uphill first. Here we had always the water and the view of the city on our right side. Very beautiful! After a big bend back it gets a lot steeper and then on the top of the mountain you have a flatter part again with now the water on our left side.
The first half hour was quite easy, beautiful views and it was clear which way to go. Half an hour later it became a bit more climbing, well you have to get up that mountain after all... The third part was a bit tough. Even with spikes under the shoes and the hike-stick (or whatever you want to call it and yes really needed here) I managed to go lose my balance and slide a few meters down. It was so steep there, or I was so clumsy ;). We stopped a lot of times to take a good look at the beautiful view with the low hanging sun! The last part was flatter and then the restaurant finally came into our sight. It appeared that we had climbed up much too far. Apparently missed a turn somewhere. The trail was not so easy to recognize in the 2nd half. And no signs at all. But all in all a very nice hike and also thanks to the beautiful weather! It was around  -7 celcius, but so amzingly with the sun, it gave really nice views.

For this night we had booked a Northern Lights tour at the husky farm. Of course you can also choose to go dogsledding, but that is another tour. We were picked up in the city by a bus with another 30 or 35 persons. We went from Tromsø to the island of Kvaløya where the husky farm is located. We were divided into 2 groups and we got an explaination about the "Northern Lights" while sitting at a nice campfire. Then we were allowed to meet some of the 300 huskies who live (and work) on the farm. The green light was nowhere yet to be seen. After some "free time" there seemed to be a slight tang of green light, but we got a little spoiled on the earlier nights and decided to warm up first in the restaurant and enjoy our promised meal. Meanwhile, we met 2 American guys who also came to eat at our table.

We heard from the guide that the northern lights had not continued, but he asked if we were still interested in meeting the husky puppies. Yes I'd like that! Marco decided to take another hot drink to become a bit warmer. In the meantime it was around 10 p.m. and Marco had found a spot with his tripod and camera close to the campfire outside again when I came back from the puppies. And yes, the light decided it was time to break through now. For twenty minutes we got to see a great show! Mother Nature understood why we had come here all together! Very nice! The light was even brighter and moving than we saw earlier this week and partly because of the good location it was so nice to see! Also a lot of purple around the green!
3 nights here, 3xbingo!
Weather: clear during the day -7 celcius, in the evening clear -13 celcius
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