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2018 Norway Tromsø

This is the overview of our trip in 2018 to the arctic circle.

Travelers: Marco & Sandra 

Length of the trip: 7 days

Travel period: Feb 2018

Transport: airplane to Tromsø and rental car

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We have chosen for the city of Tromsø, with the nickname: "Paris of the North". The city has about 62.500 inhabitants and is located in the arctic circle. Info from wiki:

The aurora borealis is a common sight in the whole of Troms, but not in summer as there is no darkness. As with all areas in the polar latitudes, there are extreme variations in daylight between the seasons. As a consequence of this, the length of daylight increases (late winter and spring) or decreases (autumn) by 10 minutes from one day to the next.[

Of course we hoped to see a glimpse of the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). In the map below you find the locations of good spots to see the northern lights if there is activity in the sky. I found these on the website of  There is always more chance outside the city(lights). Nevertheless, during our stay it was very clear and visible, even with a lot of city light. We were quite lucky though.

Next to chasing the northerns lights and 2 evening excursions, we also like to drive around and find some good places to hike (or snowshoe). I have found some advice on this website:, nevertheless we had some trouble finding a few of them (not very good signs). But we have found a few and enjoyed the road trips also. We did not need to rent snowshoes when we were there, because the snow was icey enough not to sink into it. Below the locations and the names of the mountains of the hikes. All within 1h15 min from Tromsø by car.