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Dag 4 - Skulsfjord

Nice and quiet day today. This afternoon we drove towards Skulsfjord on the other side of the Kvaløya island. The intention was to do a hike there, but just as the day before yesterday the start of the official hike was not to be found at the indicated point. We were probably close, but in the shadow of a mountain, with wind and -14 celcius it was not very tempting to look further for it. So we drove to the town of Skulsfjord, where the sun was still shining and the temperature was around -4. The sun is always low here, gives beautiful views and pictures, but it's hidden behind the mountains sometimes and the difference in temerature is quite big. Also whether or not you are directly at the water makes a difference, this is due to the warm water flow, we were told yesterday. So today it was between -4 and -14 degrees, but again wonderfully clear and sunny :)
From the town of Skulsfjord we could walk along the coast. Even though it was still a bit of "survival" between the big rocks and slices of ice (slippery of course), but still it was nice to be out there. On the way back by car we met a herd of grazing reindeer, always fun, wildlife which we do not have back home. We did a quick visit to Tromsø city and now we are back at the cabin.
We will make some pasta soon and tonight we will have a look to the sky again, as we cannot get enough of it. It will probably not be better then yesterday. Or will it ... ???  You never know, but since we are here now, we just want to see as much of it as possible!
Update evening:
Yes the light was there again, but once we had driven the car 10 minutes from here (dark place, nice for the pictures), the Aurora Lady had been lowered down and decided to leave it like that. Too bad. Then we just decided to drink away our grief. Hahaha no it was not so bad (with the sadness).
Weather: clear during the day between -4 and -14 celcius, evening clear -14 celcius
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