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Day 2 - Tromsø - Kvaløya

Today would be cloudy all day, but we were lucky! Sunny and clear weather, nice!!! We started to go see a bit of the city by daylight this time. We also looked for the places where we are expected tomorrow and Monday for the excursions we have booked. Yesterday on arrival it was already dark and it's always a bit more difficult to orientate yourself.
Then we drove to the island of Kvaløya for a nice mountain ride and a hike in the mountains. At least hiking was the intention, but in reality it didn't work out that way. There would be a well marked hiking trail, but we could not find it. Still many beautiful photos taken on the road and we certainly also been out of the car to sniff the fresh cold.
Now we have just done grocery shopping and it's time for a drink. Very important of course :) We will have some diner and hope that it stays as clear as it was during the day. Maybe we are lucky again later with Lady Aurora...
Update 11 pm:
Around nine we went "hunting" or "chasing" the lights as they call it here. Either; on the go to dark places to spot the northern lights. We had found a beautiful spot on a mountain in the forest, but unfortunately, despite an unexpectedly bright evening, there was only a little green in the air. So just put the camera settings right, but then went back home.
Back in the house, Marcos looks out of the window once more, well if you do not smoke anymore, you have to keep an eye on it in a different way ... And yes! Green activity in the air! So just been outside on the camping with a tripod and camera and tried to find some dark spots from which the pictures could be made. A lot of people suddenly got on their feet in front of their cabin, all to catch a glimpse of the Aurora.
Two nights here, two times lucky! And this we have made pictures! We are happy :D
Weather: bright during the day -5 celcius, clear at night -13 celcius
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