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Day 1 - Amsterdam - Tromsø

And today it finally happened! Our trip to Tromsø, hopefully the northern lights and, among other things, to beautiful unspoilt nature just outside the largest city in the far north.

The trip took the whole day, but that did not spoil the fun ...
It started this morning with the fact that the first flight had an hour delay. But we have already forgotten that by now. That we therefore had to run again to get the second flight, we also have already forgotten. I say "again" because we already had a similar scenario when we went to the Lofoten in Norway two years ago. The fact that the shortened transfer time meant that people forgot to load our second suitcase in the 2nd plane meanwhile we have also already forgotten. I'll tell you later why we are so forgetful ... But what a beautiful view from the plane! Super clear sky! Marco ordered a wrap with reindeer meat, so the holiday had clearly started by now!

Our rental car was a brand new VW Golf, with only 2000 km on the count and we went on the road (with only 1 suitcase instead of 2) to our little cosy cabin at the Tromso Camping. We did not get the navigation to work properly, but with the help of some screenshots of the city that I had made, we drove correctly to our destination. Cute little house on the outskirts of the city. Unfortunately, the view is not as good as we hoped for, because we are looking to a football club with associated construction pit (new canteen?) Where the construction lights burn all night. So much for the northern lights from our patio, where you do not have too much "city light".

But why have we already forgotten the small setbacks of today? Well because we saw a green sky with the dancing light within an hour of arriving in our cabin! Despite the construction pit lighting! And not a small dash of green, but really on all sides where we looked and very bright! In order to be able to photograph the northern lights well you need at least a tripod because of the long shutter speed that is needed and these tripods were in the missing suitcase... So just enjoyed the phenomenon with the naked eye. Hopefully there will be more moments this week to record it.
After dinner the suitcase was brought and we made a walk armed with a tripod now. The northern lights were there, but much less bright then we saw before dinner. Is still good ... It was really nice cold while walking, think about -10 celcius. Delicious! That's how it should be here.
Weather: clear during the day -2 celcius, in the evening a few clouds -10 celcius
Overnight: Tromsø Camping
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